Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Back to blog business

There has been a lot happening since my last post...
I went to my daughter birthday in Halifax. In doing so, I lied to all of the two or three readers of my blog and let you assumed I was going South to Florida.
After spending a week in Halifax it was time to get back North but the weather was so nice it didn't felt like North.
Last Saturday, at 02:10 AM, I started the real journey to Florida (this time it's the whole true and nothing but). The first day, I drove about 16 hours.
On Sunday I parked the car in my driveway in Hudson Florida.
The house was in great shape (as it was left). I had to turned on the air unit as it was hot... so hot!
Monday I wanted to drained my hot water heater tank. There is a valve at the bottom of the unit just for that, but I broke it :(. I was not planning of doing plumbing job but had no choice, to empty the tank, I have to cut off water to the whole house... and water is the kind of necessity to do without! After 2 trips to the hardware store, I fixed the problem and at night, I could take a nice warm shower with running water, ouf!
Tuesday I got a new router for the Internet, the last one didn't want to go wifi, so no Internet is worse than no water right?
Today it's going to be a relaxation day, I really need that, my brain can't focus on anything that required 5 seconds of concentration... I'm even surprise that I could write this post!
My hardship right now is to decide between going to the beach or going to the pool... life can be so tough sometime!


  1. Best. Surprise. Ever! What an awesome birthday! :) :) :)

    Hope you guys have a nice time relaxing now that you have water AND internet, the two things no one should have to live without.


  2. The beach or the pool...tough choices. First world problem! :) Enjoy

    1. Thanks Martha, I would have not put that has a first world problem, maybe more like the second LOL

  3. Going to the beach or the pool. You are funny.

    What kind of router did you go with? We are in the market for one because right now, we rent one and that's just dumb. No more renting. I wanna buy.

    1. The router is provide with our Internet but I know a good kind is linksys.