Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Painmore in Hudson

The last time I played pickelball was back home in Canada at the beginning of September. Those were games that were not too challenging as all the good players were not available and I was playing inside the club house where the roof is too low to do a lot of play.
Monday, I went to play in New Port Ritchey. It's a gym and there was 3 courts setup but because there was not that many people, we used only two.
I got there around 08:30 and didn't get off the court for over 2 and a half hours. The competitions were heartless, in no time sweat was pouring out of my two-months-let-down body. I think I did pretty good considering.
When I got back home, I could feel all my muscle giving me signal that they didn't appreciate as much “playing” as I did.
But it's a good pain, I knew with time it will be OK. I met a couple on the court and they were telling me that they have an outside court in their community and would I be interest to go play with them.
I was so trill, I made friends, not always easy with my personality hahaha
We exchange numbers and set up our first game for the following day at 16:00.
I forgot that I'm a Northern person and that heat is not something I specially appreciate. At 4 PM, it was 30 C. (86 F.) to me it's the perfect weather to stay inside in a cool air conditioning environment.
But against my better judgment and with still pain from the previous day games, I decided to go.
We stopped playing when the sun set and we couldn't see the ball anymore.
I'm still in pain but I'm happy. The kid in me doesn't mind a little pain to go out and play!


  1. Hahaha, that sounds wonderful! :)


  2. Yes 86 is too warm for me, so I admire you playing.
    You sound happy, so that's good.

    All the best Jan