Monday, November 16, 2015

The Enemy Within

Since Friday night, I have been thinking about Paris and terrorists.
What I wanted to write was: “132 innocents died in the hands of spineless evils! We should nuke them and their camels out of this world.”
But I'm a pacifist, I served in the army not to fight but to keep peace. Responding violence with violence has never been a solution in my point of view.
I don't even understand what is everyone beef about this conflict... is it my God is stronger than your God? Is it let's cleaned off the infidel from the face of this earth? Could it be you disrespect my beloved camel! What ever...
Sometime I think the answer is like what we do with kids that doesn't behave... we send them each in their own corner. But that would mean that if you are from the middle East, you stay there. If you wear a crossed, you would live in the Occident.
That would works if everyone had the same values.
However, more and more terrorist acts are done from persons that are neighbors and has the same passport. They are rejects from our society and can't define themselves has an average Jo.
I don't believe they are lure by the appeal of becoming famous and getting 72 virgins in heaven if they died as a “martyr”.
Right now we have a name to the terrorists: ISIS but I don't think that without help from within they could terrorized anyone as much.
Waging war to them it's like going to the beach with a shovel and destroying all the sand castle... it's a futile exercise that would never work as there will be more kids coming with more buckets to built more castle.
I think the only thing that can make a difference is to affirm our values... no compromise! Our heritage is Christianity. I don't mean everyone should get on their knees and pray but we should not allows anyone to come to our country and shut us off...
We really need people like John Lennon to sing: “Let give peace a chance.”
I wish I knew what to really do. We have this known enemy, but what really trouble me too is the one that are within: all those kids that went into rampage at their school, the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, the brothers at the marathon of Boston, the street gang, the criminal motorcycle clubs...
But for now, Georgia is not on my mind anymore, Paris is!

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  1. Well-written, Richard. I wish I had more to add to the conversation other than, I am sorry for the people who lost their lives over this mess.