Thursday, October 22, 2015

Heading South

If you live in North America, have you look at the highway lately? The snowbird migration has started!
I hear the call... “Richard get out of the North now while you can, leave the snow banks to others... go NOW, don't look back.”
I have been getting things in order to get out of here. The house is full of goods that will be coming with me. I don't know where in the car it would all fit, will see!
This move down South is starting today. First leg is to get to my daughter home in Gatineau and get more stuff... hopefully it's less than the size of a glove compartment. I'll sleep there and tomorrow very very early, the journey begin.
Usually when I drive down to Florida, I get up around 4 AM and have breakfast on the road. The first night, I stop in Harrisburg (Pennsylvania). The second day should end in North Carolina and then, at last, Florida.
I can't wait to be back in shorts, tshirt and sandals. 


  1. LOL, that postcard is amazing! :D

    I hope you have a nice trip -- no delays, no excitement!


  2. Well well lucky you. I hope you have a wonderful time while driving South. Here the white mud stuff will arrive soon. But it's ok, I can deal with it. I think the Winter season has his charms like any other season. I prefer to be able to dress more when I am cold than when humidity keeps us from breeding well. I think I prefer Winter than summer. Personaly I don't think I could be living South more than a couple of weeks. Summer is great if not to humid. I find it takes alot of energy out of our body. I love when it's around 22 degree with a little breeze. But when it is around 40 degree I only want to hide in my home and sleep. I loose all my energy. But that's me. It's not the case for everyone. Anyway injoy your "sejour" in Hudson Richard. Have fun and take good care of yourself and all the people you love.

  3. Well now you're just teasing us. Or rather, torturing us. I sooooooooooo envy you. Have a wonderful time down south!

  4. Hahaha This is Richard, I don't know if any of you will see this but let me come clean... I LIE!

    I was not going South to Florida, I was going South to Halifax. It's my daughter (WWE) birthday. She is 30! I don't have my computer so I'm really limited as far as account, but as soon I'm back next Saturday, I'll post about it :-)

  5. Only just read this.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    Hope the travel / journey was a good one.

    All the best Jan