Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Back to Hardship

Already the first week of October over with. The condition at home will be drastically change starting Monday.
I don't know if you know that about me but in Canada I live in a trailer in a camping. Soon winter will be upon us, so the camping turn off the water so that the water lines doesn't freeze.
The trailer is built for 4 seasons, heat is not a problem but not having water is. Luckily the lake is just a few feet away, not so luckily the lake freeze solid in winter (around December). This is not a big deal as by the end of October, I'll migration down South to Florida for the winter like so many other snowbirds.
But in the meantime, I have to find alternate way of wetness. The lake will provide plenty of water for the toilet, I just need to fill the buckets. Now that this problem has been flush, I need drinkable water. There is a building at the entrance of the campground where I can fill Gerry can and as a bonus in the building there is showers.
The only problem left, there is no water heater in my home. So if I need hot water (like to do the dishes), I just boil water on the stove.
I don't find it to be a hardship at all, I enjoy going a little minimalist. When I get back to a place where all you have to do to get water is to turn a tab, I appreciate this little luxury more.


  1. Sounds like it really suits you well. That's pretty cool.

    We live in a trailer park, year-round so heat and hot water. When
    you write that heat isn't a problem, does that mean you have a
    heated trailer? Not sure. If so, cool beans. If not, that would be
    hard on me as my hands turn corpse-white come the cold.

    Nice by the way, to see you doing all this posts about your life.
    Pretty darn cool, Buttface. Pretty darn cool.

    Now back to my chores. Hanging the bedding outside, today.

    Love that.

    1. Buttface moi? hahaha

      When I mentioned heat it's because the trailer is built for 4 seasons (better insulation) and we do have a propane furnace.

      My youngest daughter was made (cough cough) in a trailer park... we tease her a lot about that. That's a long story maybe for another post...

  2. Florida! Yay! I bet they don't have much frozen water over there, except for the ones you put in your drinks!


  3. I envy your trip down south! The cold and I are not friends. I might hide in the trunk of your car if I get desperate enough :)

  4. I'm more a "luxury resort" kind of person!