Monday, April 6, 2015

My philosophy

Was everyone good at Easter? Maybe it’s the 43 grams of chocolate I had yesterday but this morning my mind is pulling me in so many directions; it’s like doing a split, but splitter I am not! So I’ll go back to the foundation of this lean(er) tower. This week, I’ll keep building up my tower.

“Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk” - Twenty four hours a day, I walk the walk.

I mentioned in earlier posts that my problem with food was one of moderation. This was the whole truth and nothing but… however I realized it was not that whole to start with. Maybe my sub-conscious mind was trying to hide the whole truth from me! However I realized I had addictions. Some of those were extreme and some were light, but an addiction is still an addiction.

I was addicted to sugar. Most days I ate two desserts and some sweets during the evening after I fed my addiction to chips.

I was addicted to wine. A glass of wine was never enough, I over drank almost every two days, sometimes more often. I’m lucky, I was not dependant but still 
too much of something it’s never a good thing.

I was addicted to fries. I must have had French fries 2-3 times a week. It was the food I turned to when I wanted a side dish of vegetable!

I was addicted to TV. I was watching over 7 hours a day. I had no time to exercise, let’s face it; the commercials were just not long enough for me to step outside and walk. So I stepped to the cupboards and the fridge.

You know what is great about the previous paragraphs? “I was”

When I started my journey to health, I didn’t have a clear path in front of me, I didn’t have a map to a healthy me, I didn’t have a good knowledge of food, healthy or otherwise. I didn’t read books about dieting or lifestyle eating habits. I never told myself, I’ll cut sweet, wine, fries and watched less TV.

But on the very first day, my lifestyle changed because my plan is to eat less, eat healthier and exercise. This plan is a drastic lifestyle change (this is where I walk the walk). It’s not a “get 10 pounds off” fast scheme.

It’s hard to explain this transformation; the only analogy I can think of is my weight is like I am on top of a hill and I need to get down from it. I am going down and I have this truck pushing me, I have no other choice but go down, I will never go back up. The hill is so steep, I can’t see the bottom. At one point, I don’t even need gas as I am still getting momentum.

The gas is my brain, it is silent and it’s not trying to sabotage me. Because it’s keeping quiet I have peace or as Lori Lori put it, I am calm about Food.

So my philosophy is to let go, just keep going down the hill. I don’t need brakes; I have my vehicle in perfect control. I let go of the gas but I know at some point at the bottom, gas will be required to continue my journey, so while I’m going down, I’m also working on the most important aspect of this journey: My brain!

In the next posts, I’ll come back in details, so stay tune!

Thanks folks for reading, maybe you don’t know but you are part of this pushing truck!


  1. TV is my enemy of healthy lifestyle. We have now cut our cable. We have antenna for local channels & Netflix for movies. That's it. Saved a bunch of $$$ & forced me to look for other ways to keep busy, like those walks lol


    1. You could get one of those portable DVD TV and bring it with you on those walks LOL

      I'm recording so many shows but I don't have time to watch them, it's my way of dealing with this addiction. Thinking about cutting the cable, how would I watch hockey? I can't get any channel with just an antenna.

  2. I too was addicted to alcohol, but it has taken me 3 weeks of sobriety to accept and admit that. I always told myself that because I could go all week without it, I wasn't addicted, but that wasn't true. Reading your blog was one of the things that got me really thinking hard about my alcohol consumption and helped me drive the change to sobriety. Thank you!

    1. I am so glad you are off the alcohol FD, you did really good. Lets toast to each other with a good bottle of water my friend :)

  3. Time to get addicted to delicious veggies, nice walks, and sunshine!


    1. WWE I don't have time for nice walks, it would slow me down too much LOL

  4. Good Post Richard. We are all addicted to something, but it is the type of addiction that matters, some damage you more than others.

    I am addicted to my dogs
    I am addicted to food (sugar, chips, french fries, chocolate)
    I am addicted to the internet
    I am addicted to TV
    I am addicted to reading your blog
    I am addicted to coffee
    I am addicted to so many things

    But I am proud to say I am not addicted to "wine or beer"
    But in the summer time I drink "sangria" with moderation. I juste love it

    I am so not healthy.

    1. ha ha ha it' a good one Choco: "I am addicted to reading your blog" I try to keep my blog non-fat but sometimes it can be sweet.

      I'm also addicted to the internet.

      I hope you are still walking a little. The weather should be warming up soon so you might be able to get out more... and away from my blog, the internet and the TV.

      Thanks for your comment.

    2. Indeed, it is a "sweet" moment everytime I read you.

      I think you are also addicted in reading all of our comments everyday ?

      It keeps you smiling and gives you the strength to continue loosing the weight.

      Impress I am, sincerely.


    3. Yes I'm addicted to comments, it's one of my favorite "healthy" treats!

  5. Love this! I used to watch a ton of TV too!! Sitting at home for hours upon hours on a Saturday binge watching TV was the norm. Now I'm hardly ever home. I think that is a biggie. Keep it up!!

    1. It's hard to believe that real life is not a few feet from the TV!

  6. I was - I can - I am - and - you are doing it

    Keep Focused

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan, you guys are such a big part of the focus :)

  7. "I was" These two words go so well together! Especially when it means having given up bad habits/addictions. There are a lot of great things to get addicted to and it looks like you're headed that way.

    1. Love to use "I was" in this context. It's such a positive and fulfilling experience, Martha. I can't wait to be addicted to the right stuff... one day one challenge at the time :)

  8. I love the image on being on your way down a hill, not trying to climb your way up it! My analogy a few weeks ago was of a salmon struggling to swim upstream, I need to change my mindset. I have momentum!

    1. Yes I remember your dive in the salmon pond :)

      When you have momentum, you let it guide you, and then you are going way down too :)