Saturday, May 7, 2016

TV Shows - Braking Bad

I'll started by stating the negative: There is only 5 Seasons of BB. That's it you have to deal with this information as best as you can. I'm still in denial, I can't believe that it will not go on forever! This is one of those shows that I will watch again soon.
Just to give you an idea of the context: Let say you are a science teacher, your name is Walter White, respect by everyone, then you get hit by cancer and your chance of survival are minimal at best. You don't have a big chunk of money in the bank to pay for your treatment and to stop working. As a mater of fact, your bank account is redder than roses. What will you do?
If you answered: “Cook Meth” this show might be for you. This is the exact situation of Walter. However, like life would not be heart breaking enough, he learned that his wife is expecting.
Oups I'm sorry for the ones that haven't seen the shows, I gave you the spoiler of episode 1, season 1.
I learned so much from the show... from Meth recipe to how to dissolved a human in a bath of acid. How to distribute your goods and how to store millions of dollar from the proceed.
I like to tell you more but I have to go... I have something on the stove right now ;)


  1. Only 5 seasons of Breaking Bad?

    Better call Saul (now 2? seasons)!


    1. I tried Better call Saul but didn't like it, do you watch it? Did I quit too fast? This is what happen with Breaking Bad, I watched the first episode, didn't like it but then, your Sistah got the series and I watched it with her and boom I was hook!

  2. Somehow that premise has never appealed to me. But everyone seems to think the show is very good.

    1. I would not watch it with kids, unless you don't mind your own kids to do some cooking LOL but I really love this serie.

  3. I loved Breaking Bad and miss it!

  4. "I learned so much from the show... from Meth recipe to how to dissolved a human in a bath of acid."

    How many hours does something like that, take?