Monday, September 26, 2016

Catching Up

I can’t believe summer is over! To start with, I apologized to the one or two persons who had to suffer summer without having any news from me. But really it’s your own fault, I started a French’s blog and you didn’t follow me over on the dark side. Hum doesn’t sound like an apology at all LOL (or MDR for Ivy). If you can read French or you just want to check out the pictures, here is a link to the French blog.
So here’s a quick recap of Summer 2016:
Busy, busy, busy.
For those who keep a Richard life event’s journal, you might recall in the spring, I volunteered to pick up pines needles. That was almost a full time job! Piles and piles of the stuff were picked up every week and disposed of. If y0u haven’t noticed, pine trees don’t only generously give needles, in June it spits something we call Rice-Krispies. It looks like Rice-Krispies but they are the male pine cones (for more explanation see birds and bees). I had to pick those up with a shovel. Now it’s Fall and what we get freely are the Pine cones (the female ones, they need more time than the male one to reach climax), tons of the shit, once more, I picked them up with shovels. I know, I'm full of useless info!
On weekend, I would pass by the Pickelball court while players were hitting a small ball… I think I was enjoying myself more. Please if you could recommend a good professional, I might need help! I played just a few times and one of those time was for the tournament. I knew going in that I didn’t play enough so I was playing without pressure knowing I would get kicked out so fast… I won! My partner and I were like the dream team of pickelball. Before starting I told him to play the game while I distracted our adversaries… worked perfectly!

One more trophy to add to my collection... of one!
In our camping community, we are about 360 families. I’m starting to know a lot of them. I started to write a French blog for this community. It is really strange to walk the camping ground and come across people who are reading me. I get so much great feedback. Strangely blogging is not a big thing in Québec, most of the readers leave comments on my Facebook account!
I’m also getting more involved. At the end of summer, I decided we needed our own library. So I asked everyone for books, DVDs, games. Boy the response was great. I built one bookshelf thinking that it’s all we would need till next summer, WRONG, after a week, I had to built another one. This week, I’m going to built a third one. People bring me boxes of items; I always feel like it’s Christmas when opening those. Funny how one lady (Ivy) is into de-clogging and I’m into clogging!
 Humble beginning
I’m also getting involved in a committee to define our association’s status and rules. Next spring, I’ll probably volunteer to get elected on the board (please keep this between us, I’m playing hard to get right now, but you’ll know).
On an unrelated issue… Netflix sucks! Last week they added only one season of Walking Dead. That is ONLY 16, one hour, episodes. Pacing myself, I got through that in 4 days, and now I have to wait till real zombies walk the earth to get next season… I might be grumpy for a while, scuse me! Meanwhile, who died at the end, WHO DIED?
Wow I almost need a nap after writing this… If you thought that retirement = free time, think again LOL
Richard Still walking but living


  1. So glad to hear from you! Unfortunately I don't speak French, despite a couple of years learning it at school. That was a long time ago!

  2. This was so fun to read and I understood almost every single word. Oh, I learned this, I hope I spell it right .. here's goes.

    mort de rire

    That's pretty good, right? I'm learning.

    Anyway, great to see you back. You have been missed.

  3. kasdflkadfl llaslsl sllsososo slllslslsl.

  4. I'm baaccccccck.

    Where you at these days????????

  5. Somehow, me reading up on fitness blog led me here. Thanks for sharing nevertheless. :)

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